Download Torrents in Full Speed

Torrents is favorite of all but there is also an unwanted item in it. That is slow downloading even from normal downloads. After telling the solution of this you will be able to download torrents in full speed. For this all you need first is a paid premium account, that is easy and I will tell you a more easy way for this. There is also screen shots for the convenience of you people.

1)      Download any torrent file, means the torrent you want to download.

2)      Open and create your account there. (Don’t worry the form is only of three lines)

3)      The benefit of creating account is that when you want to download torrent again it will be there in my files option.

4)      Now after uploading any torrent by the told way, click Go.

5)      Now click on free, because you are not premium party that’s why I am writing this article. Note that your torrent must not more than 1Gb otherwise you have to be a premium.

As you click on free the screen shown will be like.

When cashing complete appears written. You have to click .zip button on right side.

.zip button will be active. By clicking it download it by your browser downloader or download manager. Speed will be normal not slow and dependent on seeder.

I 'm Zaheer Ahmed. I have Graduated in Electrical Engineering from MUET and recently I am doing job in Textile Company as Assistant Manager. Writing has now become my passion and I would like to write on diversified topics such as Education, Health, and many more. Maths is my all time favorite subject so I want to have my command in this subject as well as on my writing skills. Besides it I love my family and like to spend my time with them.

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