Facebook is down today at 11:50 IST 27 January, 2015

Facebook is down 27 January 2015. Its is reported by many users around the world that Facebook was down at 11:50 IST 27 January, 2015. When user trying to access Facebook and Instagram they get this screen.

Facebook is down
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Facebook is down

It seems that many users are facing problem with Facebook since around 5 minutes and we’ve got complete source that Facebook is down since a while. Facebook mobile site i.e. mbasic.facebook.com and m.facebook.com is also not working and not even the Facebook mobile app is not working. Facebook down today at 11:50 IST 27th January, 2015.

Facebook is still down at 12:00 IST and we are trying to get some updates or notification  from Facebook. Instagram site is also not opening and instead a blank white page is displaying, Keep visiting this post to get latest updates.


Its reported that Facebook and Instagram is opening again now. User reported that its open at 12:20 IST, 27 January, 2015.  We have also confirmed that both are opening. Well its not so long but sometime its feel like social is melt down. #socialismeltdown.


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