Islamic Revival and Social Media in 2015

After the emergence of new world order along with internet accessibility in 90’s, swift and rapid changes occurred around the globe. This effected cultures and social values in every community, thus reshaping the world. Muslims were the one who endured the most in every ground and are still suffering.

Since the rapid adoption of social media platforms, the intellectual battle against Islam was relocated to social media with all of its severity. Unfortunately, a lot of false allegations and propaganda has been circulating on social media to corrupt the minds from the very first day.

Ummah Cyber Team
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Ummah Cyber Team is a collective effort by young Muslims under the supervision of Mufti Adnan Kakakhel to defend and present Islam on social media. We are working to change the norms of social media. Our objective is to bring an Islamic revival and save our youth from falling into the infinite traps laid out for them at social media.

Allah’s help is with ‘Jumaah’ (Group) and we are a group determined to use our skills in order to serve Islam. You surely have got some great skills, just realize the need and join us.

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This article is written by Adil Nisar Khan (Adil Jadoon) and he writes for Ummah Cyber Team. You can contact him directly at Facebook

Web consultant and Web Designer with over 7 years of professional and creative experience. Jamil is passionate about creating modern and user friendly websites that help businesses attract more customers and increase sales. He received bachelor and master in Business Administration and also co-founder of

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