Remove ads from uTorrent

µTorrent is a well known program which is used for downloading torrents. First this program is ads free means it did not show any advertisements, but from some time it starts showing different ads. We always recommend “Ads Block” plug-in in the browsers so instead of useless advertising only useful content is seen, that’s why these ads are unwanted to us in the µTorrent.

To remove these ads from µTorrent by clicking ‘Options’ and selecting ‘Preference’.

remove these ads from µTorrent Options > Preferrence
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remove these ads from µTorrent Options > Preferrence

A menu opens by clicking ‘Preference’. In the left of the list click on the last option ‘Advanced‘. Many advance options are now opened. In here write “off” in the ‘Filter’ bar. Actually we have to find following two options that come out of writing “off”:


You can see that value of both is set as True. By double clicking the value of both it turns to False. After changing in the value click ‘OK’ to close this. To affect the change you have to close the µTorrent once and then reopen it. µTorrent can only be closed from File Menu through ‘Exit‘. Next time when you open µTorrent it contains no any advertisement.

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